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The Property Developer

Forward Thinking Property Developer

Combining global reach with local knowledge, the Croatian and Mauritian teams are experts who have merged their professional know-how to revolutionise the concept of luxury living.

Our real estate company in Croatia is responsible for the development of a high-end real estate project in Šolta, from its inception to its realisation. The entity in Croatia is owned by Evaco Group, while the resort will be managed by Secret Hotel Management.

About Evaco Group

With 20 years of experience,  Evaco Group strives to always think forward and design the living spaces of tomorrow through smart concepts and creative innovation. Evaco Group expands its international footprint with the new 5-star resort named Secret Croatia.

The group is a well-known property developer with more than 700 employees, present within different sectors of the economy: architecture, construction, engineering, manufacturing, property development & real estate, leisure & hospitality, consulting & corporate services, and procurement logistic services.

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The Hotel Management

Secret Hotel Management is an international resort management company. It focuses on creating high performing resorts through unique hospitality experiences as well as delivering outstanding customer service.

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Our team has a proven track record at the highest level of the hotel industry with extensive international experience in a wide range of areas. Their expertise encompasses every aspect of the industry. From market research, sales & marketing strategies to project management, our professionals extract the most value from each project.