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Discover Šolta


A Land Of Wild Beauty

With only 9 nautical miles of distance, this small island just off Dalmatia's capital Split offers a contrasting experience for a truly relaxing and freeing lifestyle. An island whose uniqueness sings like a melody, whose history is that of emperors and queens, whose untouched landscapes bare themselves under your feet. Šolta is one of those yet to be discovered island gems in Croatia. Secluded yet close to the city, Šolta is not far from the airport.

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Living in Šolta allows time to concentrate on the simple yet important joys of life – good food, sea and sun.

There is no going wrong with fresh seafood caught in the early hours of the morning, bringing the Adriatic onto your plate. Tasting the sun, allow yourself to be impressed by the world's best olive oil with awards in this most prestigious category year after year. Other delicacies grown and produced locally in Šolta include figs, almonds, honey and top quality Dobričić wine – the ancestor of the world-famous Zinfandel

The geography of Šolta creates many bays and coves all around the island, interesting to hikers and swimmers alike. The bay of Nečujam even houses the fisheries of Diocletian which can be explored under the sea.

Location of the resort,
Šipkova bay

One of the truly unique places is surely the Šipkova bay, the only sandy beach in all of Šolta. Situated in the western part of the island, the bay is adjacent to the village of Maslinica where a 17th- century castle turned 5-star resort found its home.

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Šipkova is found at the bottom of a slope of olives and lavender, right where the sun sets between the neighbouring islands of Hvar and Brač. Secret Croatia is a luxurious resort in the Šipkova Bay consisting of a variety of luxury properties.